Welcome to the Underground Nation

You have found the resistance. The resistance is real. We are going to present you with an option, a fork in the road, a path less traveled by. Should you choose to follow, you will journey along the Underground Railroad, discover the infamous red pill, and learn to see from the other side of the mirror. This path is not for everyone. Some are unwilling to acknowledge it whilst others go mad in the midst of transition.

We do not offer the answer; there is no definite answer. We present a question, a question that will drive you for the rest of your life, if you allow it to. We do not claim to have discovered this question, it is merely a flame passed from one torchbearer to the next in the night.

Should you choose to continue, do so discreetly. Do not let them know that you have found the railroad, do not let them notice your escape, and welcome to the revolution.

See how we see.
Hear what we hear.
Make contact.
Say it your own way.
Think for yourself.